Starter Rig

13 Webcams, 1 Computer
24.7 MP
No Green Screen
Portable Rig


Product Features

Scene Ready | Bulk Cleanup
Import into any DCC/Engine
Delighting | Custom Rig Kits
Surface Smoothing to Reduce Jitter

Client Professional Rig

128 cameras,
$1.5M Rig

Superior Overall Quality
Increased Ability to Tune

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer

Entrepreneur | Designer 

Underminer Studios founder responsible for 12+ immersive titles in Visualization Tech.  She takes pride in impactful uses of technology. 

Alex Porter

Chief Technical Officer

Inventor | Tech Artist 

A pioneer in Visualization Technology, he spent more than a decade in the entertainment industry and brings those paradigms to his development. 

Tim Porter

Chief Strategy Officer

Post-production | Connector 

A background in entertainment with large companies cultivated the spirit of an entrepreneur.  His work in AR brought an acquisition and drive for more.   

Kevin Chaja

About us

The team has a strong entrepreneurial background.  More than 15 years of experience in immersive mediums like AR/VR, gaming, film and post-production led to the creation of a product.

Our mission

We started this to prove that it is possible to have access to a solution for the next wave of video using off the shelf equipment and a software solution that automates the work. 

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